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Fundevoo is the newest community engagement app. Ever wondered what’s happening in your neighborhood? New restaurants, new events or the best holiday sales? Want to make new friends who share your cycling passion or meet like minded people through a tree conservation drive? Or maybe you just wanna let the word out about your garage sale to the neighborhood. Fundevoo is the answer to all these questions perplexing the neighborhood, packaged in a sleek new app on your mobile. The possibilities what you can do with Fundevoo are limitless, It’s the only thing you will ever need to connect you to your community in a way you have never experienced before.


Search for local businesses, communities or events. Get to know what people in your neighborhood are talking about or lookup local classifieds


Create your own communities and public events and invite people to participate. Post location based classifieds or add a new business you have recently started


Join Communities and events and be an active member of your neighborhood. Get to know new people and make new friends


Promote your local business or events to people in the neighborhood. Define an area on the map where you want to spread the word and see your business or invitee list grow


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Local Business

Find new businesses in your locality or post your own


Create or Join location based communities and interact with your neighbourhood


Create location based events and invite more people to be a part of your event


View the latest deals and discounts in your area. Business owners can easily list their own coupons too


Post local ads, sell or buy in your neighbourhood

Local Chatter

Get to know what’s happening in your neighbourhood or post your own message for the benefit of the community

Fundevoo is the newest community engagement, social and promotions app.


Use geofencing to target your ad audience while promoting. Also use geofencing to benefit your communities or events


Use chat window to interact with your private communities


Use Fundevoo to promote your local business or events

Track in Realtime

Use geofences for your communities to see members in real-time when they enter or exit the defined geofences


Send an SOS to nearby users in case of emergency to request help

And much more!

And much more Fundevoo features


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Profile Page

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Fundevoo allows you to search local business, Location based services, events

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Fundevoo with its easy interface allows you to promote your events, communities or local businesses.


Our technology uses the newest geo fencing and geo tagging techniques to create magic around you.


Our technology uses the newest geo fencing and geo tagging techniques to create magic around you.


Our technology uses the newest geo fencing and geo tagging techniques to create magic around you.


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